Karen Gibson and Other Britons Bothered about Institutionalized Racism among Esteemed Royals

Just a while ago, the renowned Karen Gibson was performing within the four walls of Buckingham Palace and excited about Harry and Meghan’s union. However, that joy seems to be short-lived considering Meghan’s recent admission of her devastating experience among the royal family.

The Problem Is Deeper Than Initially Feared

Despite the health and economic crisis that rocked the global community in the year 2020, one of the highlights of this period was addressing various forms of racial discrimination.

The sporting world was a typical example of an entertainment facet that stood in solidarity to oppose acts of racial discrimination. However, the problem seems bigger than initially feared as explained by the likes of Karen Gibson. This is because long-standing esteemed institutions such as the British Monarchy are also caught up in this mess.

This assertion by Gibson was triggered by many shocking revelations by Meghan and Harry during an interview with Oprah. For instance, Meghan disclosed that the true place of her child within the royal family was questioned by one of the top royal figures because of his skin color.

In the aftermath of the interview, the British and Northern Ireland Monarch - Queen Elisabeth; explained that the claims by Meghan especially as it relates to race are very concerning.

On the other end, the Elder brother of Prince Harry was reported to have told a reporter that the royal family is not racially biased.

British Pressed Divided on the Subject

Media talk show host Piers Morgan has made the headlines as a result of the situation. The widely regarded talk show host sent shock waves after he walked out in the middle of a show and has been dismissed by the television network.

Media personalities like Morgan have been described as part of the people who made Meghan’s stay in England “a living hell”. This is considering how he has always been very critical and cynical about her claims of being racially discriminated against by the royals.

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