Russia and United States Stance on Climate Change

The transition of power between the former and current President of the United States has seen lots of changes. For one, the decision of the ex-president to leave the globally recognized legal climate agreement sometime last year did not sit well with Joe Biden. As a result, one of the earliest decisions by the new administration was to rejoin the Paris climate agreement that the Trump administration walked away from.

Anticipated Plans Regarding Climate Change

During a recent meeting by member nations that still uphold the tenets of the Paris climate change meeting, the United States representative – John Kerry; explained the plan of the new administration to drastically reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 57%.

Especially considering Donald Trump’s stance on the issue of Greenhouse gas emission and climate change at large, this decision by the new administration is worthy of appraisal. It is believed that this plan will go a long way in protecting the planet and restoring ecological normalcy to various parts of the country.

Serious Efforts to Deal with Climate Change Concerns in Russia

The United States is not the only nation to be front-runners in implementing the Paris Climate Change agreement. As a matter of fact, the Russian authorities are taking the agreement very seriously.

This is because certain parts of Russia (especially Siberia) have been very hit by climate change. There have been wide fires caused by the alterations of nature. Additionally, many freshwaters that are known to be frozen are defrosting and causing serious damage.

To sensitive the Russian and global community on the need to take the issue of Climate change seriously, an ice-hockey match featuring several old and new stars was played in one of the freshwater lakes that are threatened by climate change.

The belief is that the popularity and acceptance of popular games such as ice-hockey will play a key role in sensitizing people on the need to save the planet.

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