Endorsement of 1.9 Trillion Dollar Covid-19 Stimulus Package Pushes America Closer to Economic Normalcy

Thursday the 11th of March 2021 should forever remain fresh in the heart and minds of every American. It was the date when the stimulus package proposed immediately after the assumption of the Joe Biden administration was signed by the president. But more than this, it was a time to reflect on the losses caused by the pandemic and how American society is bracing and gradually returning to normalcy despite the several odds.

One Year After WHO’s Declaration of the Pandemic

Many health resource persons stress that the declaration of the Covid-19 outbreak as a global pandemic came later than expected. They stress that the declaration by the arm of the United Nations should have come a lot earlier.

One year down the line, Joe Biden is the sitting president of America and took out the time to address the nation on the way the policymakers are addressing the issue. After the address, many health experts and persons believe that the return to normalcy is not far-fetched.

This is especially given the detailed plan of the government to ensure that little gathering can be held by July 1st.

How the Administration Plans to Go About this

To ensure that normalcy associated with gatherings can happen soon, the president has revealed the plan to get every American vaccinated by May 1st.

The president explained that there may be possibilities that not everyone is vaccinated by then, but that everyone will be eligible for the medical procedure by that time.

To make this happen, the initial rollout rate has to be surpassed and various plans have been carried out to ensure that this is possible. For instance, the administration implemented a National Defense Act that placed an embargo on the exportation of raw materials needed for the production of vaccines.

Additionally, the initial administering of 1 million daily vaccines has been doubled to meet the demands of the plan.