Global Community in Trouble as Long as Brazil Is not Safe

In the earlier part of the year 2021, the administrative leader of the World Trade Organization made remarks directed at Developed Countries well able to have the vaccination programs in their quarters. She stressed that there is a need for a communal approach to tackling the Covid-19 virus. The Director-General of this international organization was quoted as saying “nowhere is safe until everywhere is safe”.

Brazil Health Crisis can Impact the Global Community

Not too long after the remarkable statement by the leader of the World Trade Organization, her remarks have been reiterated by health and international relations experts who are keenly watching the pathetic health crisis in Brazil.

Many of these people are clamoring that the United Nations and some major member nations begin to render assistance in helping the South American nation deal with the health crisis.

One of the Health experts who witnessed the situation firsthand explained that “the situation in Brazil is out of control. The healthcare system and pertinent authorities simply cannot deal with it alone. They need all the intellectual, financial, and material help they can get. The simple truth is that the collapse of the Brazilian healthcare system is only a matter of time. This is why every attention should be directed towards them from the global community”.

In light of the outbreak of the new variant of the virus, Brazil has seen an all-time high experience in the number of deaths recorded daily. Reliable stats suggest that no less than 2000 individuals lose their lives daily on account of the virus.

Time to Hold the Brazilian Government Accountable

In other news, various intellectual sources are calling on the international community and pertinent authorities like the United Nations to hold the administrators in Brazil accountable.

Although administrative leaders of places like Sao Paulo have implemented strict measures to deal with the situation, the Brazilian president has been passive about addressing the situation. This has sparked a lot of accusations from opposition forces.

For instance, Lulu – a former president and potential presidential aspirant blamed the devastating effects of the pandemic on the ineffectiveness of the current administration and the president in particular.

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