Some information to create a lost dog flyer template

When you lose your dog, the best way to find him is to communicate. The communication we are talking about here is making lost dog flyers that you will stick all over the areas of your lost pet. Actually, creating this flyer for your lost dog is not a complicated thing. But it is important to take care of some information to put on it.

The basic information

In the process of creating a flyer template for your lost dog, it is important to highlight some basic information about it.  It is in this way that you will be able to find him quickly. Moreover, as far as the basic information is concerned, it is :
- The name and first names of your dog;
- Its age;
- Its sex.
This information will allow anyone who has seen your dog to call him and check if he recognizes his name.

Additional information

After having mentioned the basic information mentioned above, you should add some additional elements to quickly find your pet. In order to increase your pet's chances of being found quickly, you can emphasize its breed, the length of its hair or even its character. Don't forget to mention if your dog is fearful or not on the poster.

Information related to the loss

In order to encourage a search of a nearby area, you can specify on your poster the place and date of your dog's disappearance. By including this information you will be spared from notifications of high reports. If your dog has an electronic bracelet or tattoo, you can also point this out to your audience. This will allow the person who finds your pet to be sure that you are the owner.
Indeed, it is not recommended to give the national identification number of your dog in your flyer. By publishing this number, ill-intentioned people can pretend to be you and then steal your dog.