Opting for Apple Music and enjoying it : how to do it ?

There are now more and more music platforms that offer their service to subscribers. Each platform manages to bring a novelty or more advantageous services in order to capture the attention of users. This is also the case of the Apple Music platform which today occupies a place highly coveted by the competition. Here are some important things to know about this platform before choosing it.

Signing up for an Apple Music subscription : the steps to follow

If you choose to use Apple Music to enjoy your songs, you should know that the subscription on the platform is very simple. Indeed, you can go through the website to subscribe in just a few clicks. Here are the steps to follow :

  • You have to go to the Apple Music website and choose Register (it's at the top right of the screen) ;
  • Fill in the important information in the empty fields and press the Register button ;
  • Choose the desired subscription before clicking on the Subscribe button ;
  • Put the banking information and answer the questions that are asked by the platform ;
  • Visit the music catalog to listen to all the songs you want and to discover new releases.

Also, if you were on another platform and you already had your playlist there, know that you will be able to transfer your playlist to Apple Music if you wish. So you can get more informations here to know how to transfer spotify playlist to apple music

The different Apple Music compatibilities

Do you want to subscribe to the Apple Music music platform ? One of the most important steps you will need to go through is finding a platform compatible device. Indeed, your experience will be more pleasant if you opt for equipment that can be supported by the latter. Among the devices that can be compatible with Apple Music, there are :

  • On console ;
  • On an Android smartphone ;
  • On a MacBook, iPad or iPhone.