Installing a shower mirror: What do you need to know?


Mirroring after a bath is a very good thing, especially for women who wear make-up after a bath. But how do you install a mirror in the bathroom? Let's find out, dear reader.

Why choose a wall-mounted mirror system that does not require drilling?

If you're a renter, if you don't trust your DIY skills. However, go to these guys who are very good at DIY. If you don't have the basic tools - a drill, dowels or screws, if the type of wall is not suitable, or if you simply don't want to drill any holes, fixing your mirror to the wall without drilling any holes will avoid damage. 

How do I install a mirror with adhesive or silicone sealant?

If your mirror is not framed, which is preferable in the bathroom, you can easily use a specially designed adhesive or silicone sealant to attach heavy objects to the bathroom wall. To do this, first clean and degrease the wall and the back of the mirror. Then take the dimensions of the mirror and mark them in pencil on the wall in the exact place where the mirror will be fixed. Use a spirit level and a square to ensure that the marks are level.  

How do I attach a mirror to an adhesive hook without drilling?

If your mirror is small, lightweight and you have two-point wall hooks, you can also use self-adhesive wall hooks. However, they must be able to support the weight of the mirror. If your mirror is very light, you can also hang it from a two-point hook attached with wire, nylon or string. To do this, use a spirit level, attach the hooks horizontally to a clean wall support and measure the axial distance between the mirror supports. All that remains is to hang the mirror on the wall