How to get your passenger location form

Due to the pandemic that is currently raging in the world, many countries have embarked on the quest for adequate measures. The main goal is to counter the spread of the disease for a while, until it is completely eradicated. The passenger location form is one of the documents used for this purpose. And to learn more, read the article to the end.

How to fill out the passenger location form

The passenger location form allows health authorities to control passengers traveling by boat, plane, bus or train. This type of form can therefore be done with the respect of a number of conditions as specified here: In fact, the passenger locator form (PLF) is completed with information about the trip and the means of transportation. In addition to this, the traveler's personal data and contact information are also required. In addition, this document asks for the permanent address, recent accommodation and temporary address of the passenger. This is followed by a list of travel companions and emergency contact information. In addition, once the form is completed, a QR code is sent to the traveler's address for use at their final destination. They can also print a copy of their PLF.

Who can hold a passenger location form and where to acquire it

? The whereabouts form is required by many countries, regardless of their connection to the European Union. So, to find out if one is concerned in obtaining this form before making a trip, one should inquire online. In fact, details are given on the government websites of the countries concerned by this form. Thus, one just needs to go to the platform of his or her final destination to get appropriate information. In addition, there are many sites that contribute to the completion of the passenger location form. They can also be useful for more details. However, the PLF is mainly filled out online, before the trip.