How is a medical evacuation by air carried out ?

When you have a patient in hospital and his or her condition worsens, the doctors may ask you to medically evacuate the patient. To ensure that the evacuation is quick and safe, it is advisable to do it by air. This means by plane or medical helicopter. In this article, you will learn how to do a medical evacuation by air.

What is a medical aircraft?

A medical aircraft, also known as an air ambulance, is an aircraft equipped for the circumstance and capable of ensuring the transfer of a patient in complete safety. For more information on air ambulances, visit Medical aircraft, or air ambulances, are equipped to provide even the most intensive care to patients during transport.

Some advantages of medical aircraft

Medical aircraft are the most recommended means of transport for medical evacuation. This is because they allow for a quick and safe transfer of the patient. The planes have several systems that guarantee the safety of the patient. Among these systems, we can mention the following.

The reinforced communication system that links the doctors on the plane with the medical team that received the patient and the team that treated the patient at the beginning. This further strengthens the care of the patient

  • The system that allows the air pressure to be warmed and varied
  • The intensive care device
  • The multi-parameter monitoring device that allows for the monitoring of blood pressure, pulse oximetry, capnography, and also temperature measurement.

In addition to these devices, medical aircraft also have resuscitation ventilators and medical suction devices.

How to organise a medical transport?

Prior to any medical transport, the doctors responsible for monitoring the patient's condition during the transport must familiarise themselves with the patient's health file. The team of doctors providing transport should include several doctors, especially in vital areas such as cardiology, intensive care and emergency.