How do you connect a Bluetooth headset to a phone and PC ?

For years, the use of Bluetooth headsets has made great strides because of the advantages they offer. It is an easy-to-use accessory that can be connected to a smartphone, PC or TV. If you don't know how to connect your Bluetooth headset to any of these peripheral sources, this article gives you some tips.

Linking to a phone

Successfully linking your Bluetooth headset to your phone is not a difficult task. To do so, you must first deactivate all Bluetooth devices that are activated around you. Then, first turn on the phone's Bluetooth in the "settings" options as well as the Happy Plugs Bluetooth headset. Then look in the Bluetooth options of your phone for the name by which your headset device is designated. Rest assured that the distance between the two devices is not far, as you need to bring them closer together so that the connection can be established quickly. Once the name of the headset device is found on your phone, click on it and the connection will be established. You can tell this by the light on your Bluetooth headset that it will start to flash.

Connecting to a PC

With a PC, the connection is no different than with a smartphone. However, the steps to follow are quite different, as the functions of a PC are different from those of a smartphone. To do this, you first have to switch on the Bluetooth of your PC by going to "Settings" and then to "Device". Here you will find the option "Bluetooth & other devices", click on this and choose the device name of your Bluetooth headset that is already switched on. Finally, press OK and the connection is established. After this initial connection, every time you turn on your PC and the headset, they will automatically connect without waiting for any pairing procedure.