Best necklaces by Marie Laure Chamorel

Dressing fashionably and with a very classic trend is an option chosen by many women. Even with a small budget, it is possible to have style if we give the privilege to timeless jewelry in this case the necklaces that are renewed over time. Discover in this article some models of trendy necklace available in the collection of Marie Laure Chamorel.


Silver necklace

The silver necklace is a real jewel that combines fashion and elegance. Made with 120 silver threads and a natural elegance, this fashion accessory in 925e silver is also made in ten very fine rows. For more details on this accessory, please visit Both classic and personal, it can be worn flat against the skin or slightly twisted on itself. 

You can vary its position to your liking. It can be worn with all types of outfits, casual or dressy. It is a real necklace that offers a delicate adornment. This jewel is easy to wear with a grey silk sliding knot at the back that can be adapted to any type of neck. To keep it in good condition, keep it away from heat, perfume and chlorine.


Ruthenium lurex gold necklace

Braided necklace with several fine fringed chains of solid ruthenium silver and gold lurex threads. With its dark gray color, the ruthenium metal gives a unique touch to this jewel. To be worn around the neck or on the wrist, this piece can be worn in different ways and very easily for fun. This accessory is made with a 925 sterling silver chain for a ruthenium finish and a silk thread. Only that solid silver jewelry is sensitive to heat, air, skin, perfume, chlorine and hydroalcoholic gel. You should also remove them when you sleep, bathe, swim or play sports. Regular cleaning will keep your jewelry in good condition. 


Necklace breastplate quartz pink nude gold

Very classic, the pink nude gold quartz bib necklace combines creation, elegance, design, boldness, and incandescent beauty to offer a unique style to its user. Adorned with set crystals, with a lobster clasp, this women's accessory is a symbol of boldness, dedicated to the realization of your dreams and your deepest imaginations. It is made of various shapes, with raw materials and is able to transform the look of women and their wardrobe. This necklace can be worn on any outfit and on any occasion. However you should avoid contact with water, perfumes, and heat. You can clean it at any time to maintain its clarity.