03 methods for filtering water

Making water safe for use is a process that requires a lot of care. There are several techniques for treating water, including filtering. So what are the filtering methods? Discover 03 of them here.

The filtration method by 03 containers

This first method of filtration requires the use of 03 separate containers. The technique consists of placing the 03 containers next to each other. More details on the attached site: https://www.usefullfacts.com/.

The water to be filtered is poured into the first container. After a few minutes of rest, the water in container 1 is conveyed slowly into container 2 and the process is repeated for container 3.

The process can be repeated several times until the water in the third container is considered clean. However, always make sure to wash the containers before repeating the process. This makes it easier to remove pathogens.

The advantage of this method is its simplicity, but it should be noted that it takes longer and disinfection is often not complete.

The cloth filtration method

Fabric filtration is used to remove insects and larvae from the water. It is performed using a cloth placed on the surface of a jar.

However, it is very important to focus on the quality of the cloth by paying attention to the mesh. The tighter the mesh, the more effective the method, but there is one thing to note. If the water is contaminated at the base, this method will not make it drinkable.

The sand filtration method

This filtration technique exists in two forms: pre-treatment sand filtration and biological sand filtration. They are somewhat similar to the fabric filtration technique.

These two possibilities are in themselves means of filtration and disinfection. They are not expensive and are very suitable for emergency situations. The only thing to note is that the process takes a little longer.